Hogwarts Diary: Luna Lovegood

Hogwarts Diary: Luna Lovegood

I'm not Sure I'll be Able to fit all this into the Quiz (Year 7 Part 2 of it.) So yeah. This is Luna's Diary when she was in the Cellar of Malfoy Manor and Some Interesting Stuff. Read please!

published on April 23, 201353 reads 17 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Day 1

Dear Diary,
The Death Eaters have taken me to a Dark Place where there's No Light. I'm just Guessing what I'm Writing. They Took me from my Daddy to Stop him from Supporting Harry. They Took my Wand and they Told Me I was in Safe hands. Yeah Right. A couple of Hours ago a Death Eater came in here to question me on the Whereabouts of Harry. I told Him that I didn't know, He didn't Believe Me, I got hit with the Cruciatus Curse then and He asked again, I said I didn't know but he Didn't take No for an Answer. I'm feeling quite Dizzy right Now so I'll tell you more Later.
Love, Luna Lovegood.
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