Cookies and milk!

Cookies and milk!

you will have to read to find out! theres peaple in it ok thats all i will tell you

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Carzy 8

Crazy 8’s!
        As the first sign of snow come falling down on Christmas Eve, Susan and Mary are laying on Mary’s doggie bed playing a games of crazy 8.’’ I win, again!’’ screamed Mary,’’ why do you always win?’’ asked Susan I don’t know it’s just luck replied Mary ‘’ya, you must have a lot, I mean a lot of it’’ mumbled Susan ‘’ what was that? Asked Mary ‘’noting’’ Susan said trying hard to not to giggle. Susan and Mary live in Montreal Canada sue street. Susan and Mary are the very first twins who were born in Canada in the 2000, they look a lot alike but nothing like Lola because Lola has black hair and green eyes because we have diffract dads, Mary and Susan both have light brown hair and dark brown eyes but there noting alike, Susan likes cats and is vary smart and Mary likes dogs and that really the smartest lets say.

        ‘’Ok girls bed time’’ said Lola there older sister ‘’oh’’, come on five more minutes we will just play one more game’’ asked Mary fine then you guys will go to bed, ok answered Lola. ‘’Let’s play one more game of crazy 8s before we go to bed’’ said Mary ‘’no, the only one here that is crazy is you, ok good night’’ said Susan as she crawled out of Mary’s bed and into her own bed that was a kitty bed. ‘’ you just don’t like losing, don’t you’’ said Mary no! , I just don’t want to play anymore! Screamed Susan as she got up to closed the lights and put on the star night light. ‘’Ok it been more than five minutes girls, its bed time if you want Santa to come’’ said Lola as she intern the room. ‘’Night, see tomorrow Lola’’ said Mary ‘’good night sis’’ whispered Susan ‘’see you tomorrow and don’t wake me to yearly, ok?’’ Said Lola ‘’fine!’’ Said Susan and Mary at the same time as Lola left Susan’s and Mary’s bed room.

        ‘’Wake up Susan!’’ Mary screamed ‘’it’s Christmas! Its Christmas!’’ scrammed Mary as she filed the room to go wake up Lola. ‘’Mary! Mary! There is steal stars outside, its steal night time, now go back to bed’’ scrammed Susan. ‘’Lola? Lola? Where are you? I can’t find Lola’’ said Mary in a worried voice when she came back in the room ‘’what! She’s most likely in her bed’’ said Susan ‘’no, she’s not in her bed’’ said Mary ‘’let me see’’ said Susan as she started to walk closer to Lola’s room.

        Susan walked in the room ‘’no she’s not, did you look in moms room or dads library?’’ asked Susan ‘’why would she be in moms room or dads library? Asked Mary ‘’well ever since mom died and dad left to go to war, she likes to hang out in moms room and look at old family photos or read in dads library’’ replied Susan ‘’Ok let’s go to moms room before we look in dads library then’’ said Mary. Susan and Mary head down the stairs to go to their moms bed room. Lola? Lola? Lola? Susan and Mary repeatedly said. Now they were near the door ‘’who should open it?’’ asked Mary ‘’ you can’’ said Susan ‘’no you can’’ said Mary ‘’ you’re just scared to open it, sacredly cat’’ said Susan ‘’may I remand you I won over 4 games of crazy 8s last night and how much did you win?’’ bragged Mary ‘’oh, zip it Mary’’ Susan whispered ‘’what did you say? Asked Mary ‘’noting, now just open the door before I open it and push you in it and close the door on you’’ said Susan ‘’ok I will open it stop bugging me’’ said Mary.

        The door creaked open, it was so dark in the room like the night sky with no stars, and it smelled like moms flower perfume the one she wore on her wedding and her honeymoon. ‘’Lola? Are you there?’’ asked Susan in a scared voice ‘’no she’s not here now let’s go’’ said Mary with her hand on Susan’s solder ‘’no not now, let’s take a pick around the room first’’ said Susan. ‘Hello? Is anyone there?’’ said Mary with a grin ‘’we should open the lights’’ suggested Susan ‘’let me find the light switch’’ said Mary. ’’I can’t find it’’ said Mary backing up as little ‘’what do you mean you can’t find it’’ said Susan when she walked over to Mary ‘’oh, never mind, I found it’’ said Mary ‘’ ok, now turn it on’’ said Susan   ‘’ I’m trying but it won’t let me’’ snapped Mary. ‘’Then we will continue in the dark’’ sassed Susan ‘’but I don’t want to’ ’cried Mary ‘’ big baby’’ whispered Susan ‘’who’s the big baby?’’ said Mary.


         Bang! ‘’what was that?’’ asked Mary ‘’I don’t know, let’s go see, it sound like it came from the back of the room ‘’are you sure you want to do that? It could be a robber’’ Mary cried ‘’why would a robber be here’’ asked Susan ‘’why should I know why a robber would come here’’ snapped Mary ‘’let’s just see what the bang as and leave ok’’ said Susan. As they walked closer to the back of the room bang!

         ‘’Ok, let’s go now, come on’’ shrieked Mary ‘’no’’ said Susan. They got at the end of the room ‘’nothings there’’ said Mary ‘’maybe the bang came from the room next door’’ said Susan ‘’ok, find we will look in one more room and that’s all ok! Yield Mary ‘’you don’t need to scream’’ sassed Susan. They left their moms room and were standing in front of the door.

         ‘’Who should open it’’ asked Susan ‘’well, I opened the last one so maybe you can open this one’’ said Mary ‘’fine, I will open this one’’ snapped Susan. It been 5 minutes ‘’well, are you going to open it or are you just pretending’’ screamed Mary ‘’I can’t open it’’ yelled Susan ‘’what do you mean you can’t open it’’ said Mary ‘’I can’t’’ said Susan ‘’let me try’’ said Mary. ‘’I think the door is locked’’ said Susan ‘’ya, I can’t open it’’ said Mary. Bang!

        ‘’wait the sound is not coming from dads library its coming from outside’’ said Susan ‘’how do you know?’’ asked Mary ‘’because I know ok, come on let’s look outside! Yelled Susan ‘’I’m not going out there in the cold’’ snapped Mary ‘’don’t worry we will look out the window’’ said Susan ‘’ok, well you do that I will check the time’’ suggested Mary ‘’that’s sounds good, now go! We will meet here in ten minutes ok’’ Said Susan. 15 minutes have gone past and Mary is waiting for Susan ‘’come out don’t scare me, come on’’ screamed Mary ‘’Susan where were you? ’Mary asked sacredly ‘’ok that’s it, I’m calling Ben over’’ yelled Mary. Mary ran upstairs then into her room and grabbed her blue phone and deled Ben’s number 162-2840.

        ‘’Ben’’ said Mary ‘’yes, why did you wake me up this yearly? Its 1:00am’’ asked Ben ‘’because I can’t find Lola, then when Susan and I went looking for her Susan want missing, I’m scared Ben what should I do?’’ yelled Mary ‘’who are you talking to’’ asked Lola ‘’I’m on the phone talking to Ben’’ said Mary ‘’hang up the phone Mary and go back to bed like Susan did’’ said Lola ‘’wait! Lola! Where were you? ’Yelled Mary as she ended the phone call ‘’I was in the living room watching a movie’’ said Lola ‘’oh, that why Susan and I heard bangs’’ said Mary ‘’ok, now it’s time to go back to bed your adventure is over for today’’ said Lola as she gave a big hug to Mary ‘’night’’ said Mary ‘’good night’’ said Lola. Mary ran upstairs to her room, ‘’why didn’t you tell me that Lola was watching a movie?’’ said Mary ‘’because, Lola said she was going to tell you anyways’’ said Susan half asleep. Mary crawled in her bed and shut her eyes and fall asleep.

        2 Hours later, ‘’Susan wake up’’ whispered Mary ‘’what do you want?’’ asked Susan half awake ‘’I hear someone down stairs’’ Mary whispered ‘’its most likely Lola, go back to bed’’ said Susan ‘’maybe it’s Santa’’ said Mary ‘’I’m up!’’ yelled Susan ‘’be quite we don’t want to wake up Lola’’ said Mary. The girls tip toed down stairs, there’s someone wearing red, white and black. ‘’Ho, ho, ho marry Christmas’’ said the man in black, red and white ‘’it’s him it’s really him! Yelled Susan as she ran to him. The man turned around and finish eating his cookie and gave a hug to Susan ‘’oh hello little girl, what did you want for Christmas? Asked the man ‘’your Santa! Yelled Mary ‘’oh yes I am, and what do you want? Asked Santa ‘’I want a cat’’ said Susan ‘’and I want a new pack of crazy 8 cards’’ said Mary


        ‘’ok now go to bed girls and tomorrow you can play with your toys’’ said Santa in a jolly old voice. ‘’Ok, have a great Christmas Santa’’ said Susan as she walked back to her room ‘’good night and maybe we can see you next year?’’ said Mary ‘’night see you next year’’ said Santa as he went up the chimney. Mary and Susan fall back to sleep and woke up in the morning. ‘’Hey I got a new pack of crazy 8 cards do you what to play?’’ asked Mary ‘’no I’m going to play with my new cat!’’ said Susan ‘’it’s not a real cat I hope you know that’’ said Mary ‘’I know’’ said Susan ‘’come on I want to play with my new cards’’ said Mary ‘’ok I will play a game of crazy 8, ok’’ said Susan.

        ‘’Ha I won for once’’ screamed Susan ‘’I don’t want to play ant more’’ said Mary ‘’fine loser’’ said Susan ‘’I’m not a loser you are’’ said Mary ‘’then prove it’’ said Susan ‘’I already did’’ said Mary ‘’when?”’ asked Susan ‘’last night’’ said Mary ‘’ok, you got me, but I won today’’ said Susan. Mary left the room and went to wake up Lola. ‘’Mary Lola is in the kitchen’’ yelled Susan Mary ran back in the room ‘’let’s play again! Yelled Mary.    
End of book
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Such a cute book! and such a CUTE PICTURE!!!!!
on June 07, 2013
Pretty good for a first drft OMG I thought that there was actually a robber there
on April 06, 2013
Cool Story and username.
on January 19, 2013
it was ok but adding it my favs!
on December 11, 2012
great story
on December 04, 2012
on November 22, 2012
on November 22, 2012