Misunderstood (House Of Night)

Misunderstood (House Of Night)

This is a fanfiction I wrote about House of Night. It takes place between Books 9 and 10.

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Chapter 3.

Chapter 3: True Drama

By the time I got back it was almost sundown. I went and hunted down some sage leaves so I could smudge the Depot. I was unaware that Rephaim had seen me smudging. I had just finished when I heard movement behind me. I whirled and saw him. He went down the ladder and didn’t say anything. I had just gotten inside when my phone rang. It was David and Richard. Richard said, “So how are things going?” I said, “It’s worse than I thought, those allies are out. They not just backing out of the fight, they’ve gone completely to the Darkness. At the moment the white bull as the strongest allies.” “With the exception of you.” Richard pointed out. I said, “Richard the only reason he doesn’t have me is because the dragon has trafficked with him before and I know everything the dragon does. I refused to give myself to him.

“Between Lucifer, Cain, and the White Bull, I’m exhausted, Richard. These visions are kicking my butt and I have to fight to keep the elements in line and now that Mia and Nyx have made up, I have to be here in a Vampyre school so I can try to get Nyx’s children back on her path. Neferet, the former high Priestess, is now Immortal and completely on the side of the white bull. Oh, on top of that I have to get people to understand that no one can technically be mark by two Goddesses.” Then David said, “Do you want me to come to you?” I said, “No, do not come here!” He said, “Let me help you in the one way that I can.” “NO!” I yelled at the phone. “David, listen to me, I refuse to drink from you. I don’t want to hurt you and that all I’m going to do. An imprint between us is not a good thing. I’ve been imprinted once before you haven’t.”

He said, “If this is what you need, then I’m willing. That bland stuff they got isn’t going to keep you going much longer. I can hear it in your voice, you’re exhausted and your magic and energy have not returned.” He started to say something else but I told him I had to go. The moment I hung up the phone I saw Zoey and Aphrodite. Aphrodite looked bad but I instantly knew she’d had a vision. I turned to Zoey and said, “What was this one about?” Aphrodite looked at me and said, “It was about you. Whatever you’re doing is going to get you hurt if not killed.” I asked her “What exactly did you see?” Zoey said, “She saw you and some guy with black hair in the sky fighting. She saw you tell him he’d been banished from someone named Amelia’s side.” The group was in the kitchen so I had to tell everyone. I looked at Zoey and said, “Did the guy have blue and black wings?” She nodded and Aphrodite said, “You told him to leave you alone and that you loved him but could never be with him again and then you changed. You became bright almost like you were an angel or something and you had a sword in your hand. The sword was glowing and it had markings on the handle.”

“Oh no, this cannot be happening again.” I said as I leaned against the wall. Damien said, “You know exactly what she’s talking about don’t you?” I nodded and said, “The guy was my boyfriend some years back and I mean way back but anyway, He tried to kill me after I found out that because of who we are we cannot be together without messing up the whole world. He wouldn’t turn from his father and I refused to leave my mother so I told him that as long as Amelia lives he is forever banished from her side as well as mine. He didn’t like that and swore that we would be together; we were destined. As for the rest of it, I’ll have to explain later but right now don’t we have to go to school?”

The moment we were all on the bus the exhaustion of the past couple of weeks started to overcome me. I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until Zoey shook my shoulder. I climbed off the bus and saw Thanatos standing there. She said, “There’s a school meeting this morning so I want everyone to go and take their seats.” The moment we found our seats I knew something was up. Neferet was in deep conversation with some guy with huge, black wings. I instantly knew he was a fallen angel and then I knew who he was. He was no other that Kalona. As the meeting started Thanatos went over some things and then Neferet tilted her head and looked up. I looked up too but didn’t see anything. Then she said, “FOUL BEAST FALL FROM THE SKY!” I saw the beast fall but it wasn’t until after he spoke that I knew who he was. Neferet looked at him and said, “Beast what are you doing here?” He said, “I’m looking for Nydia. I know she’s here because even after all this time she gives off the same scent. And then he turned towards us and I heard Aphrodite gasp. She looked at me and I knew I wasn’t wrong.

I didn’t get to say or do anything because at that moment, Richard ran in the school. “Calvin, I thought I told you never to come back.” Calvin said, “Shawn, only one person can release me and she calls to me in her dreams.” Richard said, ‘First of all that bullshit, second of all never call me that again, I no longer go by that name, Third of all never call her that name again, and last of all she doesn’t want you anymore, so leave.” Then Calvin locked eyes with me. He said, “Nydia, you don’t still hate me do you. You call to me when you dream so you can’t hate me.” I stood up and flipped onto the floor. Then I looked at him and said, “I am no longer Nydia, you time with her is over. You time with me is over! Never call me that again. Amelia didn’t die, so you are still banished from my side.” “But my queen…” “No, I’m not your Queen and you’re not my warrior anymore. You ruin that the day you tried to kill me. I don’t know have you got back to this world but between us nothing has change. So I suggested you leave.”

Then he taunted me with, “And if I don’t, it’s not like you’re strong enough to hurt me.” And that pissed me off. So I said, “LOOK Calvin, You are really pissing me  off never underestimate me. Do not ever be that foolish again. I’m not going to tell you again. Go away and never come back.” By the time I stopped, my hands were glowing and I was shaking with anger. I knew that the magic I still had was reacting to my anger but I couldn’t calm down and then Calvin stepped closer to me. I stepped back and said, “Don’t come any closer.” He acted like I was joking with him or something because he came closer. And Richard said, “Calvin, She will not be happy with herself if she loses control and kills you. She doesn’t want to break her promise to her mom, so I suggest you back away.” Calvin didn’t listen and he was suddenly right in front of me. He said, “I’m immortal, I can’t be killed.” And then he touched my face. I snapped and the fire within me became too much and I shocked him and knocked him all the way across the room. He sat up shook his head and said, “Why, Nydia?” I said, “A woman decides when, where, and how she is touch as well as by whom. You are still banished from my side. I dismiss you. I have killed an immortal before so don’t think you’re so special. Now Leave!”

I was not longer in control and I knew it. I was just two breaths short of calling the elements to finish him but I fought my anger and was winning when he said, “Nydia you and I are forever destined to be together. I’ll leave you now but I’ll be back.” With that he expanded his wings and left. The moment he left all my energy was gone. I collapse to the floor with nothing left. I couldn’t hear anything everything was black.
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Comments (4)

on April 10, 2013
I like this a lot better than the actual House of Night series... to be honest, that series is a waste of paper. .-.
on April 09, 2013
Please do
on April 09, 2013
Ok, I got the books at home and I definetly need to read them because I don't know whats exactly going on lol. But I can tell you one thing, it's off to a really good start. I enjoyed reading it and hope you continue on writing it! =) Imma spread the word about this lol
on April 09, 2013