Hip to Hip

Hip to Hip

The second book to the Double Crosser series. I hope you like it. The main character is called Jessica. She is Miss. Prep in Double Crosser.

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Chapter 1.


Ugh. Why in the world am I actually writing in this diary? Oops I forgot to place the date. Well, its February 13. John just asked me out! First my named is Jessica. My stepmother thought I should use one of my old notebooks for a diary since I am transferring a boarding /prep school. Good night.

February 14
So excited for my date with John. John goes to a different school so he has only seen me when are moms get together. Which was only two days ago. He also asked me out that night! Note to self: wear black skinney jeans and a pink batwing top. Good night.

February 15
Of all the place to write this down I choose the janitor's closet. Huh. Well, we saw the late timing of Sunrise. We both got there early so we started talking. The next thing I know was that we started making out. While we were waiting I saw a group of girls walking by. One of them looked like she was about to cry, John didn't see her. A few minutes later we went into the screening room. See you later.
The movie was great! Good night.
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Comments (1)

Really good but do more with Mason plz :3
on May 21, 2013