Along came jack 2

Along came jack 2

this is about jack and cece getting to know each other then one day bunnyboo, cece sister comes to mottingham to vist, will jack stay strong and help cece find her sister a place and will bunnyboo stay out of trouble.

published on March 31, 201331 reads 10 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.
Your back again

Your back again

HI again so your back, well i can tell you the least that jack and i are great we have this house 3 bedroom house, its ok but i can, we can do better.

jack thinks we should go bigger i personally agree but i think we should wait until we settle more down and i get use to go to work and back without forgetting where to go and where to get off at.
jack started work yesturday as this secret thing that he cant tell me ( not ask coz i dont know).
so thats all thats happened so far.

jack has this pet and its adorable, its a cat he's white and has a bell he is so cute. i took it to work and everyone was crowding it ( bad idea) he nearly ran out but i stopped him and put him in his cage.

so how are your parents? sorry i mean well you can tell me you know you can.

"dont have to shout jack"
"oh hi there and you are"
" i didnt realise you were seeing someone else Cece"
"im not this is the camera crew look over my life ok jack"
"ok Cece"
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on December 30, 2013