Dear McDonalds

Dear McDonalds

oh god WHY do I have to write this no one reads them anyway -_-!! WHYY and done!:)

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Dear McDoanalds,

Name one good thing about McDonald's. I can't name anything good about McDonald's but I can say how horrible the place is. They for starters idk ANIMAL CRUELTY! I mean McDonald's know there doing animal cruelty too. LISTEN to ur costumers and STOP. Look at the poor chickens and STOP. BE KIND! LISTEN!! Anyhow its not JUST animal cruelty of course...

There is only one way to describe ur disgusting food MICROWAVED #@$%!! The chips taste MICROWAVED. The burgers taste MICROWAVED. The nuggets taste MICROWAVED. DAMN EVERYTHING DOES!! Even ur McFlurries have something bad about them! WELL IDK LOOK AT THEM I MEAN THERE THE TINIEST PIECES OF #@$%! Hungry jacks/ Burger king have HUGE McFurries or in there case storms...

And not to say for once in ur bloody lives can u NOT stuff up a #@$%#@$ MEAL!! Once I had a burger that I asked to be meat, cheese and ketchup only. AND it turned out to be just buns JUST BUNS!! FOR LUNCH I HAD BLOODY BUNS!! Not to notice every time I ask for meat, cheese and ketchup I get PICKLES IN THE BURGER!! LISTEN to what ur costumers SAY!! And for gods sake ur coke has water in IT which makes it taste absolutely HORRIBLE!! Ur OUTRAGEOUS job has caused me disgust and  sadness...

U use so much plastic I mean have u ever thought about ANYONE but yourselves!! U make me VOMIT! I bet half the rubbish in the ocean is McDonald's RUBBISH! And by the time u get home with ur food its all COLD!! Cold or hot McDonald's is the worst fast food place. I can't even look at the place with out VOMITING!! I HOPE U GET CORONA VIRUS!! LEAVE THE WORLD OR SOMETHING!! U WANTED FEEDBACK U GOT IT!!

Kind Regards,
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