Young Dracula and Harry Potter Crossover

Vlad was normal, well as normal has the son and heir of Count Dracula can get. But, to any other vampire he was normal (beside the fact that he is the chosen one and he is destined to lead all vampires.) He was finally getting used to the whole vampire thing, when he received a letter inviting him to no other than Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. (I KNOW THE SUMMARY IS BAD, BUT PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY)

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Chapter 1.

A mysterious letter

It was a completely normal day for Vladimir Dracula at Garside Grange school where he now lived. It had been almost a year since he had to leave Stokley because of his malevolent sister Ingrid. She left both him and his dad (who is the infamous Count Dracula) for dead and saying she would make "the streets of Stokley run red with blood". Vlad was now 14 years old and 2 more years until he became a full vampire with fangs and everything, which was not something that he was particularly looking forward to.

Vlad got dressed in his school uniform. He was just finishing tying his tie nice and tight when he heard faint tapping at his open window- he always liked to keep his window open to get as much sunlight before he turned 16. He turned to see a small brown barn holding a letter with a red wax seal. Vlad slowly crept to the window. 'Why is there a owl with a letter knocking at my window?' He wondered observing the owl silently through the window.

"Maybe you should let the owl in?" A voice rang out behind him and Vlad nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Zoltan," Vlad said angrily to his stuffed talking wolf who was staring up at Vlad a bit confused. " you scared me half to death" he held his hand over his non-beating heart.

"Aren't you already dead?" Zoltan countered.

"You know what I mean!" He said annoyed.

"Yes I know what you mean. Are you going to let it in then?" Vlad eyed him skeptically. He had never seen anything like this. An owl carrying a letter? How is that even possible? Well I guess if vampires exist… Still it may not be a good idea. He finally decided to let the feathery mailman in. The owl quickly sat on his coffin- he still didn't want sleep in it but his dad insisted after they left Stokley and he had to give in- and stuck out his leg. It looked as though he wanted Vlad to untie the letter! But that was absurd, how does an owl know anything? He gave Zoltan a questionative look.

"I think he wants you to take the letter." Zoltan remarked. Vlad shot him a well no kidding look before inching towards the owl and untied the letter from his leg. The owl quickly flew out the window leaving Vlad and Zoltan alone in his room with the mysterious letter. Vlad looked over the letter. The letter as Vlad observed was addressed to him from a school, Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.
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