Into the headless horsemen

Into the headless horsemen

Celti, a girl, or in this case the headless horsemen has been searching for her head over the years with her brother ed, severing countless of heads of humans as a reminder of what she is. Nothing more than a demon.

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"It's kind of repulsive, don't you think?" Ed made sure to use his words right for he knows what celti is capable of. "Repulsive...? How so?" Celti may not have a head but she does have a voice. For she is known as the headless horseman. "Why do you kill people when they did nothing wrong." Celti kills without a second thought. Not a care in the world if she is caught or killed. Why? Simple, she can't die. "Ed, why do people starve? And what do they do to eat?" Ed thought for a second putting aside his question and answering celti's riddles.
      "Humans starve because of the lack of energy and they grow and hunt food, why?" Ed knowing celti would give a smart remark stay'd quiet and listened. "Exactly, is it wrong to eat, is it wrong to hunt for food, humans and demons are in some way alike but I believe humans are the real demons, wouldn't you say so?" In a way, what celti said is true. "I wouldn't say all humans are bad, think about the kids that had parents until you killed them off?" Celti thought for a second, in the end she never answered. The only reason why I am still alive and can get this close to celti is because I'm the one who created her or at least regain her soul without her head. Celti was my big sister to begin with. How she lost her head is a long story. In the early 1800's, we were labled thiefs and it was my sister that got caught first and had her head chopped off. I was lucky I survived but I knew I couldn't live without her. We had no parents, she was the only one I had left. I couldn't handle her death so I learned dark magic from a priest I discovered in rural town not far from where home was. When I dug up her grave, her head was missing but I still did it, I had to no matter what. The magic I used cost me my left leg but was later replaced with a mechanical one. I was warned but I didn't listen. Celti still wants her head back, so she made a promise to herself, " Each time I go out, I will ring bells and hunt for a head as a reminder to those of what I lost!"
"Celti, where to next?" We've stay'd in russia for to long, we might even be suspected. I can only hope that we can blend in easily next time. "Swiltzerland, that's where I heard he went." Him. I wished she'd forget.
      When celti was done slicing down every human that came across us each time acting poor and begging for food. Yes I'll admit, I help celti kill and get at least some money or food out of it. And yes I hate it but I have no choice. Now that we know our new destination, celti does what she always do when we leave to warn the wolves. She howls goodbye. Celti has a weird connection with the wolves almost like a horse to her. Of course Celti had a  horse but that was a long time ago not that I don't think it matters to her now. Repulsive...all together.
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