Rise of Arcturus: Scraps

Rise of Arcturus: Scraps

Its just a personal project I've been working with a friend, I figured I may as well share some scraps and ideas on here and see what the populous has to say about it.

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(RA scrap: Audition)

Mayvin stood within the shade of the ship with his hands firmly placed on his hips. He had been standing outside for the past hour and a half simply watching passersby; people going about their day to day lives, whatever it was. Mayvin was already tired, with moving most of the supplies around on the ship to make room, if there was going to be another member to his team.
After several moments, the sound of boot heels tapped down the ramp of the ship. Mayvin’s ears pricked with the noise before glanced over slightly, catching a glimpse of blue.
        “Nothing yet?” Her soft voice made him smile as he turned his head towards his wife.
        “Nope.” He replied tiredly.
        “Mayvin you’ve been doing this for a couple of hours, I don’t think anyone’s coming today.”
        “You lack faith,” Mayvin said evenly. He pushed his glasses up slightly before fully facing her. “And patience.” She gave a slight scoff before she came to stand beside him.
        “Why are we even looking to hire a pilot, you can fly the Arcturus just fine.”
        “That’s the thing Naajan, I can fly it fine. Not great. Plus with what we’re doing, I don’t believe my abilities in flying are up to my expectations. We need someone that is technically qualified for flying.” Naajan frowned at him before pursing her lips. Mayvin chuckled before placing his hands on her shoulders.
        “Please don’t make that face at me,”
        “What face?” She replied, her lips curling at the corners.
        “You know very well.” He leaned over and kissed her cheek. Naajan smiled faintly before placing her hand on his.
        “At least come in and eat.” Mayvin considered it before nodding.
        “Give me another 10 minutes, and I’ll be there.” Naajan rolled her pale eyes before disappearing back into the bowels of the Arcturus.
He rolled up his sleeves before he crossed his arms and leaned back against the Arcturus’s hull. The sun warmed his skin, making his dark mauve skin lighten to a pale red. Eight minutes had passed before Mayvin began to walk back into the ship.

        “Uh, excuse me sir?” An winded voice came from behind him. Mayvin stopped and turned around and stared at the human. He was breathing hard as if he had been running five miles, his face was faintly red, making his olive green eyes more prominent. The man coughed awkwardly before running a hand through his brown windswept hair.
        “Yo-you’re the one who posted the thing for hiring pilots back at the D.T Info centre right?”
        “Yes I was actually.” Mayvin replied, looking rather confused by the sudden appearance. The man straightened himself out, fixing his tan jacket collar and smiling.
        “You still hiring?” Mayvin’s eyes widened before nodding.
        “Yes, I am. Please, please, come on to my ship.” Mayvin waved him up to the ship before the two walked inside.

        They walked through the packed cargo bay before walking up the rear hallway of the ship. Mayvin glanced over his shoulder warily and watched the human looking around curiously, but he followed closely behind. They emerged into the dim but pristine gallery. Naajan looked up from her plate of food, she smiled when she saw Mayvin finally come in, her smile faltered however when she saw the human walked in.
        “I’m sorry it just slipped my mind, we were just about to eat. Do you...?”
        “No no no, I-I’ve already eaten thanks. Uh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt. I could come back later.” Mayvin shook his head before leading him to a seat.
        “Nonsense, please make yourself at home. After everyone’s done, we can get the audition underway. And if you pass that,”
        “Legal documents and contracts.” The man smiled and shrugged.
        “You know the drill then, well this will make it easier on the both of us.” Mayvin said warmly.
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