The journey of the Rose

The journey of the Rose

It's Inuyasha+Red Riding hood+adventure=This epic, awesome, and kinda short story, Enjoy

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Chapter 1.
The reason and beginning of the adventure

The reason and beginning of the adventure

'“Hey-o, welcome back. I was soo bored so I made this story.
It’s latterly copy-catted from Inuyasha and red riding hood...
Yeah, Those 2...but I turned it to a adventure that lies outside its borders...”: elina “Well no need to be judged... and without further ado, the story...”

I suddenly stood in some sort of room totally white when I hear a mysterious yet calming voice calling out to me...
“Who said that?!”:Rose
“You’re the only one who can save her...”:???
“Save who?... And why do you keep calling my name?”:Rose
“You will have to go through the land of wolves and into the mountains to grab the Rose of life...” :???
“the land of what now?, and how does a rose have to do with any of ‘this’?”
“The rose has the power to grant health to any that need it, and will only let a human with a good heart touch it... but it’s guarded by the wolves of the land, the ones that rule the territory...” :???
“... atleast tell me who I have to save” :rose
“You will find out soon enough...” :???
As everything around me turns into ash, I hear yet another voice calling me but this time the voice’s familiar...
“Wake up Sleepy-head, breakfast is done. Or else I’ll eat your food...”:ember
As I wake up slowly I see my little sister Ember, but we just call her emy
Rose: “*sits up straight* *jokenly* You wouldn’t dare”
Emy: “*giggles* ow I would. Race ya down-stairs”
We both run down-stairs, but she wins.
Rose: “hey, that wasn’t fair, you had a head start”
Emy: “it’s your own fault for not waking up earlier *sits down and begins to eat my food with her fork*”
Rose: “*sits down quickly and defenses her food with her fork* fork-fight!”
we both laugh as we defend and fight with our forks like a real sword-fight, She leaves herself open for a few seconds and then I throw her fork away
Emy: “wow, you really became awesome at fork-fighting?”
Rose: “that’s only because ‘someone’ keeps stealing my food...”
They both laugh
Mom: “their already going wild this early in the morning aren’t they...”
Then suddenly the phone went off and when mother heard voices, she wasn’t as cheerfull as she always is... we saw this and asked who that was
Mom: “that... was a doctor, of the hospital... and said, that your grant-mother... was on the verge... of dying......”
Suddenly It felt like a sword went through my chest, that caused me to cry insanely.
Ember didn’t know my grant-mother so well so she didn’t cry, but I knew she did know that one of my most precious family-members would almost leave, without a good-bye...
Before Emy’s mother found me, my grant-mother was all I had.
My father was in war and my own mom didn’t want to take care of me... So the only person I could look up to, was her...
Then it hit me what that dream was about, and I ran up to my room to collect all the stuff I needed for the journey... As I did snowy (our husky) looked at me like he knew what was going on and with his face said:
“I will come with you to protect you” I hugged him and started packing,
I grabbed: a green big travel-bag I got from my dad, some warm clothes for the mountains, food and dog-food, bottles water, a brush, rope, a bed-sheet, a map, some money, an old sword (It’s was for chopping thin trees) and a picture of my family.
I climbed out of the window and looked at the house one last time and said to snow:
“Well snow, It’s time to go...” And started walking towards the mountains...

*Pokemon narrator accent*
"Will our heroes ever find the rose? Will they find friends or foes along the way? Will her grant-mother survive it till then? Who was ‘the voice’? Is ‘the voice’ telling the truth?
I’m asking all these stupid hysterical questions only for you to read all the other chapters,
as the journey continues...
Till then" ^-^
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