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The Druggy
The Druggy
You may not have taken drugs as as girl, but as a male? Meh, you do them all the time. You're known as the school pothead, which isn't a bad thing until the teachers hear your nickname. You aren't a dealer which is good, you're just the one they always invite to the parties or you're the one they call when they want things to get fun. School is not you're thing at all, you just go there because you're parents make you and you get to socialize there. And when is comes to girls? you're pretty heartless, sex them and dump them is the way you like to go, relationships don't make since to you at all. You can be seen in a band shirt usually with a plaid overcoat and a pair of skinny jeans with a skateboard strapped onto you're backpack. Usually brunettes and dark brunettes, may have some mixed colors. Can be skinny or built muscular. Usual names for the druggy: Austin, Max, Chase, Andrew, Andy, Daniel and Luke
on August 13, 2015