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any Instagramers here?
If u have been on my wall, Ive been asking this but nobody answers. So, does any 1 here have an instagram?
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Whos ur fave person in the olympics?
It can be any sport, and country. Choose!
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Is this a good idea? (Read below)
I kno its july and all but i have already decided on my halloween costume! I wanna b a 1D crazy fan! (Not tht i already am! ;P) so what do u ppl think of tht?
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What kinda phone should i get?
Yeah just answer!
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What's your fave one direction song?
yeah just choose ur fave 1D song!
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Who is ur fave in one direction?
out of niall, zayn, harry, liam, or louis? my fave is niall, but wat bout u ppls?
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Which is heavier? Ten lbs of bricks or 10 lbs of feathers?
How do u retake quizzes?
When i take a quiz, it shows me if i failed of my personality thingy. but then i wanna take it again but when i click on it again it shows my old result again.
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Is my dog normal or is this really wierd? Do u think shes cute?
My dog is afraid of hula hoops, and when i make noises with my mouth, the jumps and tries 2 bite me. Is this wierd? Also, u c her pic, think shes cute? answer 1 or both of these questions! PLZ!
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R u Team Peeta Team Gale or Team Cato?
I like them all but i gotta say peeta. Wat bout u ppls?
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R u team Clove or Team Katniss or Team Rue?
Ok. I like clove and katniss and rue but i personally like katniss! Wat bout u guys?
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Team Rob or Team Taylor?
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Are these good ways to fight off bullies?
Here are some ways to fight off bullies. Are they good? #1 Simply say, "You're neat" or "Your cool" when they say something mean. #2 Ask them why they have nothing better to do then tease ppl Srry I only have 2 but r they good?
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Coke, Pepsi, or Gatorade/G2?
Ppl r always asking me stuff like this. I want u 2 decide! ;)
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My bff and my guy friends were dating!
My bff was dating my friend thats a boy. They just broke up and arent really getting along with each other. What do I do?
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A boy in my class thinks I like him! (Girls)
My friend dared me 2 tell this boy I liked him when I dont. He heard her say tht and now he thinks I like him! What do I do? I dont want 2 hurt his feelings and tell him i dont like him but its tru!
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When you kno a guy likes u (like, 100% sure) what do u do? (Girls)
A boy at school likes me and i kno it and i dont know what to do and how to act around him. I dont like him. I usually act normal around him. But wat should i really do? Should i keep it up? Plz help ppl!
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