wow ban! awesome.
HOW YOU MET:Ban was climbing a mountain searching for the precious river of immortality.Then you (Lily) strike him down the mountain with your telekinesis!Luckily his shirt gets hung by a branch on the mountain.So he climbs back up again.u strike him off again!he lands on a big walking magical he climbs up start to think that ban never gives up.ban starts running toward the river of immortality!you catch him and use your magical powers to tie him up in giant vines!"Let me go!"Ban screams!"Then Leave Please..""i will leave just let me go!" you think that Ban is you read his mind. BANS MIND:goddamnit,an endless trip for nothing...guess i have to leave now.this really let ban go..Ban runs back down to the forest.A few hours later ban comes back.he walks towards you with some guys eat together under the tree.then his leader shows up and ban leaves.he smiles at you.then hops off the mountain and runs...his team go to the forest of unwanted.there is fog everywhere!then he sees king!yet he does not know king is your brother.king and Ban used to fight!so they fought.and ban died.he got struck in the heart.then you showed up and revived told him king was your he went to look for king and find him for you would not be lonely anymore.then when ban talks to you king shows up.he begs to see you."only the trusting can see me"Said yourself.King starts a fight with ban again.when ban dies king starts seeing you.then Ban have children went back to the mountain to eat.and a demon came.ban insisted to fight it."I can hit this and kill it in one shot!"ban took out his heart."Ban No!"Ban had gotten struck before You could even cry."Demons have more then 1 heart!"You got the water and gave it to Ban.but you got hurt on the way running."You drink it..."Said Ban."NOW!"Sobbed Ban.You drank the water.Ban had smiled while he drifted away.then u fed ban it!."ban i want to hear it again"-He Whistled-you died beforeHeWasDone
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