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Have any of you watched shadowhunters,  if so who's angry about Joceyln's death?
I can't believe it! Why on earth did they kill off Clary's mother? She never dies in the books and one of the most lovely chapters in the book series is Joceyln and Luke's wedding which I was really looking forward to seeing p...
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Have any of you read the immortal instruments series?
If so can you tell me whether they're worth reading them all. I love the first and second one but want to know that they stay interesting?
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What is your absolute favourite film? And why?
I have to say my favourite film is Harry Potter (all of them). But I also love Divergent, Kingsman,The Hunger Games and Maze Runner. To be honest I love most movies, I 'm a bit of a movie geek!
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Who would you kiss, kill, marry and f***?
Examples; Shrek, Donkey, Hulk and E.T Or Voldemort, Darfvader, Moriarty and Joker
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