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who is missing thier best friends?
who is missing them cause i have a close friend and he (his name is Nick btw) is in grade 12 and i cried for him 2ice in my room and at school ( i am sensitive ok ) and i dont want to be the only one so who is missing thier fri...
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are you in a 'more than a close friends'
who is in a more than a close friends type of thing cause I need a little help because I am 15 and I am in a more than a friend cause we go to the same school and we text each other each other on facebook and what am i going to...
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instroments time!
who here plays an instroment because i just not want to be not the only one that plays all sorts of introments here on qfeast because irl i play guitar, violin, marakas flute almost everything that you can imagine so who has an...
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