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She hates me.
She hates me. My best friend hates me. I messed up. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.
17 reads 10 readers 10 by BweonTehKwispy
She wolf
this is about a girl. Shes not normal though she is a werewolf! How will she survive?
111 reads 43 readers 7 by shantimp
love like you mean it ( an Andy Biersack love story)
Bryanna always had a huge crush on Andy Biersack from Black veil brides. her friends, Yamilett and Camille try so hard to make Bryanna the happiest person alive. they bring Bryanna to a BVB concert and to meet Andy! Bryanna and...
74 reads 15 readers 9 by PHYSCOTIC
Young Sherlock
This was a short story that I had to write for english class. I thought that it would be a good start for a first upload.
13 reads 11 readers 5 by SonofArathorn
Sheik/Zelda VS Batman
The Legend of Zelda/Super Smash Bros. VS Batman/DC Comics/LEGO Batman FIGHT!
25 reads 7 readers 24 by Letsago
undertale in a shellnut
this is basically how undertale would go if frisk could talk aka if they said what i said
262 reads 31 readers 0 by anonymous-user-0fn5AN
Minecraft Report!Sheep! M
Hi! I'll be soon be making a series of minecraft reports. This report is a report all about sheep. There behaviour their actions interesting uknown facts about them. I've been spending some time in creative mode and studied she...
50 reads 23 readers 10 by BlueStripedFox
Wacky School Shenanigans
A group of 16 friends had a hell of a time when they where in High School. Many memorable moments happened. I made a collection of them all for you. I hope it brings them back together.
1 read 1 reader 0 by half.way.dangerous
Sheerluck Homes: A Study In Think
Sheerluck and Lou solve another case (though it is there first). Please don't hate this is my first one :)
6 reads 5 readers 3 by LokiLaufeyson
She rocks his world *Manic X reader*
Okay, I'm gonna maybe probably update every now and then but school and my other work will probably get in the way so please be patient and wait for a new chapter
109 reads 44 readers 28 by LavenderLace
Sherie P. Ghim (harry potter)
What if Harry had twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family in Korea until she gets a letter from a relative in England that wants her to move in with her. Everything goes well unt...
10 reads 8 readers 1 by bluebear0914
Sailing Home [Sesshomaru x Sheer]
Sesshomaru was lost, with no memory of short-term events. He had to find his mate. Song belongs to Destery Smith. Warnings: song lyrics, implied domestic fighting
10 reads 10 readers 1 by Kanya888
Cherry Creek Animal Shelter
There's an animal shelter by Cherry Creek! As Jane tries to get the dogs and cats adopted, she has many adventures.
3 reads 3 readers 1 by MissMerlin
How Does Love Hurt?
A romance story I decided to write dealing with my favorite movie, The Marine 3: Homefront with the Miz. =) I own nothing, but my character, Samantha Roberts just so we're clear on that.
48 reads 29 readers 4 by HellRaiserPrincess
why me.
drama,sadness, trust and loyalty, Goddess is caught up in it all, but everything happens for a reason.
33 reads 8 readers 4 by Error
Why Me? (1)
Okay! Warning! This is made up/ real life! Okay enjoy! Hope you guys like it!
101 reads 33 readers 58 by infinxy
This is not just a story, it's what I feel inside. When I accidently told my friend and her mother of my past and problems of today, her mother wouldn't let us be friends. Please, if you have the time, read this message I've wr...
12 reads 11 readers 2 by Miss.Red
It's set in the ice age towards the end and it's about a little girl...
5 reads 5 readers 0 by Marvele