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The Power Within Me.
Lake is BACK! With the powers to change the proprety of something she fights realtiy
6 reads 6 readers 8 by sisaloofafump
The Devil Within Me
Lake is back AGAIN! And a dark truth is revealed, and no proof she's alive.
6 reads 6 readers 0 by sisaloofafump
My Crush 40 medley.
Look on Youtube all you want I am the one who came up with the medley.
6 reads 5 readers 1 by Noescaping
me and my ghost
Lila is a 12 year old girl who has always been able to talk to ghost. her mom died when Lila was born so she was stuck with her drunk dad. now the most people she talks to are the ones not even alive.
36 reads 6 readers 1 by Maya_swan
A Mermaid Life
This is just a fantasy story. I was bored so I thought I'd write a story about mermaids. :)
33 reads 9 readers 2 by snowgirl123
Meh. Bored again.
Don't think i'm weird, but i think stuff like animorphs is fun and i want to do it :) So, i made up a fake story that is going to be about 4 friends who have magical devices and can turn into creepypastas. :) Enjoy
11 reads 4 readers 8 by Coveryoureyes
Lost Memories
Eugene is an average 13-year old who just moved into the neighborhood, but when he finds a secret door that leads him into a storybook world, he finds that things are not always what they seem...((Okay, so this is basically my ...
20 reads 8 readers 0 by Masubii_Chan
A book about me
So this is basically the story of my life and how I faced my troubles and am now doing better than ever.
8 reads 5 readers 0 by ehmylovejeff
Guide Me Into Death
Ashton opened her eyes, swiping her way through the water. Which way was up? She couldn’t tell… Her lungs screamed for air, but she couldn’t breath. Sputtering chokes erupted from her throat, before she finally went silent.
17 reads 15 readers 3 by
Diary of help me
I'm not very interesting. I wouldn't advise reading this, but do whatever you want I guess.
35 reads 13 readers 7 by stinky
he didn't tell me
a secret dancer is okay so is a secret singer but is a secret crush ok? zoe is a 20 year old who has been waiting for her "true luv" to rescue her but the thing is that she is not in danger she wants her true luv Nailen fondly ...
3 reads 3 readers 1 by rosalie13hale
All about me! (2)
well I am getting a lot of people wanting to know more about me so that is why I am writing this book, hope you enjoy!
2 reads 2 readers 1 by princessluna2
Save Me From Myself...
Things...had gotten worse for Cry. Sunn was always gone, Scare became more strict and was home more often, and Cry didn't know how much longer she could take...((TW))
5 reads 5 readers 0 by XxNightLightxX
Ask. Me. Anything.
Brittany and her two friends, Anna and Kaylie, take a girl's night out and meet a strange man that tells them how they'll die. Not thinking much of it, they go about their lives. But maybe they should've listened...
45 reads 12 readers 7 by sparklygirlforever
Memory Of The Moon
(The description in unavailable, due to your lack of reading the book. If you want to know what the story is about, just read it c: )
4 reads 2 readers 2 by Silvia
Me and My Sister (1)
This story will contain true stories about me and my sister. And I know that "it could be worse" and that "there are other people suffering in the world," and I wish that wasn't true, but I can't be happy and carefree all the t...
35 reads 8 readers 0 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
Save Me Wonderland
We're all dead here... Ever wonder what happens in Wonderland when the sun goes down and the ghosts come out to play?
2 reads 2 readers 0 by XXxThisIsSilentHopexXX
Catch Me If You Can
"I'm Leaving. don't try to call me, text me, email me, or make any contact with me. From now on Olivia Shupe does not exist, she died in a car crash 10 hours ago." I read to the family. I continued on until I finished the lette...
8 reads 7 readers 2 by Hanuel
Meet The Fighters
Meet The Fighters That Will Be Fighting In My Series, Epic Fights! They Are All Animals.
2 reads 1 reader 0 by dahfish162
Faded Memories
The light was yellow. I can make it. Wrong. I sped up. And the next thing I knew, all I could hear was a loud screeching noise. ©Emma Tucker, September 19, 2016
5 reads 5 readers 0 by Hanuel