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She has loved and she has lost. But when she lost herself, he brought her back.
3 reads 3 readers 0 by mishka716
Bite Me
Kara Nuni is a vampire. She was born this way. She never even hurt a fly. But when she found out Sesa was abandoned recently, she begins to feel herself change. Only... Who will she change into?
80 reads 21 readers 14 by xXEmo_KingXx
What You Mean to Me
This is a poem about my best friend, who is not on this site. It seems like we've been growing apart, and I wanted too express how I felt in a poem, I hope you enjoy:)
21 reads 18 readers 19 by Bmac99
His High-functioning Sociopath (BBC Sherlock Fanfiction)
Elizabeth Peyton is Sherlock's best friend from school. They are like two peas in a pod. Both are smart, they can do deductions, and they do almost everything together. Join them from childhood to adulthood with their adventure...
26 reads 4 readers 0 by The_Unsub101
How I met BEN :)
I met Ben by buying Majoras Mask.... for my wii? This is my story about meeting BEN and beating his 'Little Game'. But when he brings me to the C. Pasta place.... things get difficult. Do you want to know if I got along with t...
285 reads 63 readers 20 by LexiCha
me and my boo
a tale of love and life(real not fairytale perfect life)it is prrtty awesome.
9 reads 9 readers 3 by tiara2013
"Tell Me A Lie"
Can't ever get it right No matter how hard I try And I've tried. Well, I put up a good fight But your words cut like knives And I'm tired
6 reads 6 readers 0 by jafrin
Let Me Die
17-year old Jamie Collsburg is upset about dying, especially after learning she wasn't supposed to die, her brother was. The unexpected arrival of a innocent girl named Arianna proves that Jamie can reset the story, her fate. A...
52 reads 32 readers 6 by
Me and Aaron
This is a love story about the relationship between this girl, Summer, and this guy, Aaron. And don't worry, no inappropriate parts! (Except some kissing, but thats not that bad.)
98 reads 28 readers 26 by Ravenclaw3243
You and Me
A 16 year old girl named Anna, went to a new school last year and has been bullied ever since. But what if the bully liked her, but did it to cover those feelings up? To try find weakness in her, to see if shes strong or not? W...
14 reads 14 readers 1 by Sweetiepie002
Megman Zero
Ciel: I was the one who pulled the trigger that started this conflict. I was the one who awakened Zero in the ruins to fight Neo Arcadia. But I don', no one knows what the future will bring.
12 reads 8 readers 4 by Reploid_Zero
This is about who I really am. I don't understand myself, but I'll try. 100% true
45 reads 19 readers 3 by TinyOtaku
The Cat Meow
about a lazy house cat with a daily routine. But one day, everything changed. Now Meow is going on the adventure of his life.
19 reads 5 readers 0 by tigerstarfire
Notice Me
Mia was the most nociable girl in Adeki high. After all, who wouldnt be interested in her? All of the students, and even a few teachers, were interested. All, save, for Sesa. (Short story)
59 reads 13 readers 32 by xXEmo_KingXx
Pieces of me
WIP in this book i will be making one chapter at a time and adding more every chance i get.
24 reads 6 readers 7 by Kinnare
Notice Me (1)
Ayano Aishi had always been... Empty inside. She was always like this... Just a robot, just herself. But then she met Senpai-san, and then she felt the unending urge to kill all that were in her way.
81 reads 22 readers 2 by xXEmo_KingXx
Summon me
A dark stormy night, Shadows dancing across the abandoned buildings, a single lantern lights the room. A book open to a page with a demon like figure on it, candles unlit in the room, the Summoning will begin. (picture is done ...
1 read 1 reader 0 by Verrath
All About Me
This is a story about things that happened in my life, or things about me. Enjoy! 💜💜💜
45 reads 14 readers 0 by SapphireSavannah