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creepypasta songs
this isnt really a story its like a list of songs about creepypastas i will take other peoples suggestions and then give credit to that person ie song - all credit to _
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My creepypasta's
I know I keep switching Skyler and Sf around and For some reason have another character and I have the official personalities and sterf about them! YAY
49 reads 21 readers 3 by Meowzilla
Creepypastas are essentially internet horror stories, passed around on forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers
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CreepyPastas (1)
I am here to say tales of the ones who are known as Creepypastas. Why do I have to make description so long!?!
57 reads 13 readers 3 by Taki_the_Manokit
Creepypastas React!
I love TheFineBros and their kids, teens, youtubers, and elders react. I saw FandomLover made a story for Sonic characters to react, so I went to see if there was a Creepypastas react. Apparently not! So, I made it for the heck...
347 reads 70 readers 48 by EverymanHABIT
Creepypasta Poetry
Ok, this is some poetry I've wrote about creepypasta, obviously. Whether you think my poems are good or bad please do not leave any hate comments. This is just for fun so I'd rather only have positive criticism. If you have any...
41 reads 22 readers 3 by TossedWhisper4
The Creepypasta Gang
This is where you can ask questions to the Creepypastas such as Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Slender man, etc. I hope you ask away and enjoy the story!
383 reads 47 readers 31 by beeesafe
Creepypasta x reader
This is a Creepypasta story where you choose a chapter and you have a realationship with the one you chose. I'll add yaoi, yuri and normal. Some are for girls, some are for guys, but you don't have to listen to the chapter.
149 reads 98 readers 32 by TicciToby335
Creepypasta x reader (1)
A/N: this is a creepypasta x reader story, it will be where you get in a relationship with one of the creepypastas. It has two point of views, yours, and the creepypastas. I take suggestions in the comments, and will do persona...
144 reads 68 readers 8 by Alcor_The_Dreambender
Creepypasta Stories
I OWN NONE OF THE STORIES!! Also, some are of gore and MUCH violence. Read at your own risk. :P Some are also NSFW. :/ I have decided to look up origional stories and such and then post them on here!! I'll be looking up popul...
759 reads 99 readers 74 by LexiCha
Creepypasta; Stuffings
Hey hey hey! Just a little creepypasta I came up with a few weeks ago. Enjoy! By the way I just came up with a random cover that shows my favourite Creepypasta. The seedeater.
21 reads 19 readers 8 by CoughOfFire
Shirokuro (creepypasta)
Oh my god I am so afraid of what you guys will think of this one I am not Shakespeare
10 reads 10 readers 0 by Zectadarkness900
I Remember... (Creepypasta)
Just a little Creepypasta I came up with. I saw pictures on DA that inspired me to make this. And the fandom this pasta is about... Attack On Titan! :3
15 reads 15 readers 5 by breann.west.5
Creepypasta Origins.
Jeff the Killer, Jane the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Sally, Clockwork, Ticci Toby, And more. I do take suggestions, and if you have any OCs, tell me in the comments. Enjoy! I do not own any of these pasta's, unless I ...
75 reads 22 readers 13 by Silent_Ivy
Creepypasta Rituals
This is a bunch of Creepypasta Rituals you can perform, such as One Man Hide and Seek, and The Staircase Ritual. These rituals are EXTREMELY dangerous! Play at your own risk. If you have a suggestion, say so in the comments. En...
122 reads 16 readers 19 by Silent_Ivy
Custom Creepypastas
If you don't know what creepypastas are you should look it up on google. Anyways this is all Creepypastas that I made and each Creepypasta has one chapter and a pic. Btw you can comment with creepypasta suggestions or answer m...
14 reads 8 readers 0 by Kinnare
Creepypasta x reader (2)
You had gone through stuff that was really messed up you dad was abusing you your mom took drugs and nuggets you all the time and your brothers friend raped you and on top of that you smoked You were going to end it all by slee...
16 reads 14 readers 0 by tans_daddy_SaNs_da_meme
Glitch (creepypasta)
This is glitch's story and how she met the Creator, the one she calls her sister (even though Creator is the one who made her)
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Creepypasta Poetry Collection
All of the pictures are by, I believe, 'DethKira'. Whoever that is.... This is my Creepypasta Poems. People seemed to like my other poem so I've decided to make THIS! PLEASE tell me how I did. :( Be honest but please don't be m...
91 reads 33 readers 18 by LexiCha
!!@Bing00's Clay Creepypastas!!
These are pictures of the clay creepypastas Bing gave me!!! HE'S SOOO NICE!! I was sooo exited too. :) He might make more so I'll update. Anyways, we are great friends at school and LOVE talking about the C.Pastas!! We chatted...
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