Boby 1st Grade Diary Test

Boby 1st Grade Diary Test

to all the boby diary fans; take this quiz if you think you truly know the stories! Good luck.

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Bob: OKAY. So, please complete these lyrics:
school aint cool
boby wobby buffalo
(fill in the blank)

punch the teacher
sing with the preacher
kill the teacher
eat the fisher

What's Boby's first name?

Bob: third question! Complete the lyrics:
Taste... and see
Taste... and see
The fragrance of
(fill in the blank)

A bloody knee
A burning tree
Some boiling pee
A bird goes EEEK

1.Who is boby's best friend?
2.Who was his crush in the kindergarten diary?
3.Who is his crush in the first grade diary?

Select the three correct answers
Bobertina (1 of 2 crushes)
Bobertino (friend)
Boberta (1 of 2 crushes)
Bivertesio (friend)
Berta (1 if 2 crushes)
Berton (friend)
Berteria (1 of 2 crushes)

what is bob's favorite treat?

Onion carrots
Hawaian carrots
Flavored soap
Polished rocks
fried wood chuck

What grade is the latest Bobys diary on? (1 space)

In boby's fist grade diary, what song did bobby and bobertino take to a recording studio?

Taste and see
Bobby Wobby Buffalo


Select the four correct answers
hi... naw -_-

In which diary do bobby and his friends have a sleepover and play truth or dare?

Kindergarten Diary
Summer Diary
First Grade Diary
They haven't YET

Cya Later! (this question doesn't count, select all)

Select the four correct answers
Bye bye
'later bobdacool