Are you a good babysitter? (1)

Comment what results you got and enjoy! See you at the end of the quiz!

published on January 28, 201712 responses 3

How old are you?


Do you like kids?

I don't like kids, but they love me so I act like I care.
They are okay, but it depends on their age.
I love kids! They love me too!

You are babysitting two girls, Jade is 7 and Holly is 3. You hear Jade start to swear, and that is causing Holly to swear. What do you do?

I tell Jade that she should not swear, and she should go to her room for a few minutes, then explain to Holly that those are not nice words and she should not say them.
I spank Jade and yell at Holly.
I ignore it. The parents are the ones teaching them to swear, that is none of my businesses.

You see that Holly looks a bit pale, you ask if she is okay and she replies with yes. A few minutes later, you hear a vomiting noise from the bathroom, and she comes out crying and there is a mess. What do you do?

Yell at Holly for her bad aim and ignore her.
Comfort Holly, clean her up, put her to bed, hair up with a bowl, have Jade stay away from Holly and the vomit, and clean the bathroom. Then call her parents.
Ignore it, she is three she can clean up the mess. I will just say I didn't hear her and she didn't say anything.

Holly and Jade are in bed. Suddenly you hear Jade cry. You walk to her room. You see she has wet herself. How do you react?

You wet yourself to make Jade feel better.
You tell her that it happens, give Jade a quick bath, clean her bed, and get her fresh clothes.
Spank her, she is seven years old and that is too old to be wetting yourself! >:(

Holly and Jade want something unhealthy for dinner, but their parents already had carrots, and noodles in the fridge for them, and they start to cry when you say no. What do you give them?

Say they can have what is in the fridge, or nothing at all.
Give them what they want just to get them to shut up.
Say they can have a treat after eating the dinner their parents gave them.

Holly and Jade get into a fight. Out of rage, Holly pees on Jade's favorite toy. Jade sees and hits Holly, and they are both in tears. What do you do?

Spank them both.
Scold Holly and send her to her room, and give her an ice-pack for where Jade hit her. Tell Jade that you will wash the toy, but you are going in your room and you will both apologize.
Ignore it. Maybe Holly had to pee, and maybe that slapping sound was Jade falling.

Holly falls and gets hurt. Her injury seems to be more than a scratch, almost a broken bone. You ask if she can move it but she says it hurts too much to even lift it up. What will you do?

Have Jade play in her room, and put Holly on the couch. You put her injured arm on a pillow and give her an ice-pack, then call her parents. After you get off the phone you check on Jade, and then go comfort Holly.
Slap a Band-Aid on her.
Me: Her arm could be broken though!
Tell her parents when they get home and have Holly relax.

Do you think you did well?

Yes, I am very good with kids.
It all depends on what the quiz says, but I did okay.
No and like I said I hate kids. All of them are brats!