Do you get these references?

i will make references to shows games and other stuff. see how many you get!

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I would make a reference to a videogame but i dont want to tri and force it.

animal jam.

person 1 : omg you- know- who asked me out!
person 2: but isnt _________ kinda ugly?
what goes in the blank?

darth vader

what does light and a lift have in common?
they´re both L-evaders

death note
one piece

teacher: * hands pen to student * bring your own writing utensil to school tomorrow. this is very important
student: this is a pen.

the hunger games
percy jackson

person: * being a jerk *
oher person : dont make me go vulcan on u
jerk person : i am in the highest rank of the starfleet so dont u dare!

star wars
star trek