Do you know how to identify a straight person and gay person?

People mistake muscular straights as gay people since a very common stereotype is that charming, muscular guys are most likely gay.

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What does a gay man look like?

A gay man could look anyway, it doesn't identify their sexuality.
Handsome and muscular!
Mediocre and buff.

Have you ever met a gay man? (If no, you'll have trouble with the next question because of stereotypes)

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I don't think so but I assumed someone was gay

Two boys were holding hands, walking down the street. Both looked handsome and seemed to have dreamy eyes when looking at each other. They did not get eyed by homophobes and walked along, normally. Were they gay?

"Christians are all homophobes and they want all gays to burn in hell." Is this stereotype true?

In some situations, but not all Christians.
It's spot on!

We're going to the lesbian section.

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I know!
It feels like you're telling me, so okay.
All of the answers are correct, pick me!!

A kid was bullied! Apparently he was handsome and went to the gym with his father. He got home and cried, parents stood in the room and the kid kissed his girlfriend.

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That kid got shot lmao
The kid was secretly gay! Oml!
The kid was straight
The Kid was inside the closet

I know what you're thinking, what did the previous question have to do with anything? You'll see.

Pick "Okay?"

What do you call a straight man?

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Straight man