How do you survive a horror movie?

How do you survive a horror movie?

Do you know how to survive a horror movie? Well test your skills and find out!

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You here a noise coming from the basement. What do you do?

You go down to see what the noise is
You grab a knife from the kitchen and run out side
You don't worry

The killer is at the door! You...

Jump out the window
Lock the door
Lock the door then jump out the window

Your making your big getaway in your car and the killer jumps in front of the car! What do you do?

Slowly stop and honk the horn
Slam the brakes
Go around him
Don't stop just hit him

You defeated the killer! what do you do next?

Throw a party
Drop to your knees from exjoshten
Stand there and stare

The killers behind you! You...

Punch\kick him
Run away