How well do you know Animal Jam? (#2)

How well do you know Animal Jam? (#2)

This is a part 2 of my first "How well do you know Animal Jam?" quiz! Enjoy!

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What does "Jag" stand for?

Just a Game
Just ask Grandma

Which of these are wallpapers? (I'm not including all options!)

Plaid walls
Blue sky walls
Jungle walls
Forest walls
Sweets walls
Sir Gilbert walls
Striped walls

As of December 16, 2016, the nonmember animals are these: bunny, pig, wolf, tiger, panda, giraffe, penguin, and ____. No punctuation!

Someone says in chat, "I got scaled! Please help!" What do they mean?

They're role-playing
They spent all their gems
Someone bullied them
They got scammed
They got trolled

The rarest items in the game are probably the glitched items. With the exception of a couple, most of the glitched items are what color?

Light pink

Complete this chant: "Lions ____, eagles ____, __________ deserve more!"

Growl, fly, phantoms
Roar, soar, phantoms
Lie, fly, nonmembers
Roar, soar, nonmembers

Which party occurs around Valentine's Day?

Friendship Party
Valentine's Party
Love Party

Which party occurs during December?

Jamaaliday Party
Holiday Party
Christmas Party
Jamaaliday Jam
Holiday Jam

Which is NOT a combination of colors on a headdress that exists in the game?

Black and green
Blue and purple
Light pink and slightly darker pink
Green and magenta
Orange and white

How do the Alphas bring a new animal to Jamaa?

They make it with a potion
They get its heartstone
They breed two other animals
They don't; it just happens