are you a really good mom/dad ?

are you a really good mom/dad ?

Do you think you know a lot about raising a child ? We'll find out . not neasarlly correct

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How should you punish a child ?

Only with words
no discipline is ever needed just say that's not very good
A time out or spanking
Mind games
There will be no mind games or abuse but there will be definite punishment

When is he / she aloud to leave the table ?

When every one is done
When ever she or he wont's to
After they eat there veggies (or proper food )

When your at the mall and Jr. Starts crying because you said he could not have the $50 dollar stuffed animal you ...

Ignor it and drag Jr around the mall well I shop
Spank Jr Infront of every one
Give in and buy the toy
Drive right home
Explain why Jr can not have the toy and say maybe later we will find something else

When your teen tells you a lie and you find out the truth you ?

Talk it out calmly and pick a resonple punishment
Ground the kid
Yell at him/her
Do nothing
Tell her it is wrong then move on its movie night

Do you like your kids

There ok I guess