Are you smart? (10)

Are you? Let's find out shall we. This quiz has a lot of questions with obvious answers ;) Please refrain from google searching the answers. I mean seriously really?

published on April 26, 20199 responses 3
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what kind of.....seriously anyone who is older than 5 knows the answer is 2
2 duh 3?

Spell a word incorrectly.


You have seven apples, two pears, one lemon, and five tomato's. How many vegetables do you have in all?

umm........none? Idk
Five duh
Idk...... is a tomato a fruit or vegetable? Five?

You are watching an electric train roar down the tracks going north at fifty-seven miles an hour. The wind is blowing at twenty-seven miles an hour. In which direction is the smoke from the train going?

South west?
It's going nowhere

Sorry this is so short... I'm trying to play a board game.....

That's fine
Eh im glad it's over
That's ok^^ ....... Oh wow rly XD