The Impossible Quiz!

The Impossible Quiz!

This is a nearly impossible quiz containing mind traps, riddles and other things.

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Mary's mom has four children - Quarter, Nickel, and Dime. Who's the 4th child?

Half Dollar!
Trick Question! It's Joe! Totally. Bananas.

Who, in the TV show Lost, did Hugo fall in love with?

What is the approximate population of the world?


What are the ingredients in a Purebred Dog?

Bread, eggs, and hotdog.
Bread and a hotdog.
Butter and bananas and popcorn and CHEESE!

The answer is seven and a half letters.

Can you hug me? Please?

Yes! Of course. I will always help a person in need.
No! Ew! I am a girl and so are you!
No! Ew! I am a boy and so are you!
Of course, babe! Let's make out! Me: Ew! No! Not THAT type of hug!
No! Ew! I am not your boyfriend!
No! Ew! I am not your girlfriend!
Depends...I would like to, but I don't really know you. So... yeah... Derp.

What is the capital of Vietnam?

Select the two correct answers
And by the way, Venice is the place where the streets are made of water!
I have NO idea!

If you read my profile, it says that...

I am super-smart and live in Ireland.
I am really dumb and I live in Ireland.
I am super-smart and I live in Scotland.
I am really dumb and I live in Scotland.
I don't know.
None of the above!

The answer is a type of apple.