Quiz for fun

Quiz for fun

this quiz has a look of different things and pick which ever answer that comes to mind. I want to say there is no right or wrong answers but there is. So please have fun. P.S. this is what I like so it may be different from what you like

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Vans or Converse

A. Vans
B. Converse
C. neither

If your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on you what would you do

A. Beg him/her to take you back
B. Sit on the couch and eat icecream for a couple of week

Icecream or cupcakes

A. Cupcakes
B. Icecream
C. neither

Short Skirts or Jeans

A. Short skirts
B. Jeans

Birthday party with friends or family or friends and family

A. family
B. friends
C. friends and family

If your friend gets a new haircut and its ugly what would you do

A. Lie about it and say its awesome
B. Just walk away from the problem
C. Tell her/him right then that it is horrible and I really don't like it

Netflix or Hulu

A. Hulu
B. Netflix

High Hells or Shoes

A. High Hells
B. Shoes

Joggers or Sweats

A. Joggers
b. Sweats

If a chicken was crossing the road what would you do

A. run over the thing
B. Get out of the car and take it off the road
C. Just move on with no care

Phone or Book

A. Phone
B. Book

Lay in bed or or go outside

A. Lay in bed
B. Go outside
C. neither