Will the Creepypastas Like you?

Will the Creepypastas Like you?

Me: Hey! You wanna Know what the Pastas think about you? Take this quiz and find out! Jeff: Shut up Nightmare you are annoying as Hell... BEN: Yah I agree with the Joker... Jeff: I am not a joker, Elf! BEN: I am not an Elf Joker! Me: ...SHUT UP OR YOUR 'GAME' WILL END!?!? Both: o.O Sally: Can they play? Me: After the quiz okay... Sally: OKAY!

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Me: So Jeff you first! Jeff: Why me first...Fine what is your weapon of choice? Me: Wow sooo unoriginal... Jeff: Shut up...

Anything you like Jeffy~ (Me: Fanboy/Fangirl!!!! Jeff: I want you to- Me: Until the end)
Nothing and why am i Here?! (Me: GaM3 0v3r... Jeff: you better run..She is scary in this form)
(weapon of choice) (Me: Mine is a sword! Jeff: Slender said you better kill the quiztaker.. Me: I don't Care)

Me: BEN!?! BEN: what... Me: ask a question BEN: Fine what's you fav- Me: (eyes goes crimson red) BEN: O-ok....What will your Creepypasta name be? Better? Me: Yes...

My name will be (y/n) Drowned *giggles* (BEN:.... Me: Hahahahaha!?!)
It would be...(creepypasta name)
It would be you're going to Hell (ME: *is being held by BEN* BEN: you gotta run...)

Me: Now one of my Favorites....SALLY! Sally: if you met me...what would you say?~

AWWWWW COME HERE COME HERE?!?! (Sally: they're scary... Me: shh..It's okay...)
I would say 'you are the most adorable little girl' (Sally:Aww thanks... Me: you seem really nice)
No you are an ugly creature (Sally: you are Mean..*sobs* Me: why ar3 y0u st1ll h3r3?!?!)

Me: Yo Slender come over here! Slender: what is it child... Me: Please ask the quiz taker a question.. Slender: fine child...What do you do in your free time...

I like to read/draw/other ( Me: i like to listen to music ^.^ Slender: *sighs* yes i can hear you)
I read Fanfic about you~ ( Me:....... Can I- Slender: Not until the end child)
Nothing but trying to hate you... (Me: WHY THE HELL ARE STILL HERE?!?! Slender: You should run while you can child)

Me: Hey Eyeless! E.J.: What.... Me: please ask the quiz taker a question.. E.J.: why? Me: The others said no and you are the last person I didn't ask... E.J. Fine... What is your life like... Me: Better ^.^

It's okay but I like you guys!
I want my life to be like yours~ (Me:*gags E.J.: Can I - Me: after the quiz)
none of your business freak! (Me: Got to Hell.... E.J.: run for your life...)

Me: will you Say what you got? and Like? Oh and Don't forget that I am Writing a fanfic about BEN Drowned x reader and don't forget to read it!

Okay I will ^.^ ( Me: you are so nice)
None freak... (Me:...) You:*dies*
I will~ (if you are a Fanboy/Fangirl...you are dead)