Vocab, Vocab, All About the Vocab

Think you have a big vocabulary? Wanna prove it to your friends? Take this quiz to find out how big of a vocabulary you really have. :)

published on October 07, 20174 responses 0

What does sesquipedalian mean?

Someone who loves Quidditch
Someone who loves peddling
Someone who loves using big words
Someone who's afraid of squids

Now for a tougher one. What does boorish mean?

Someone who's boring
Someone who's blunt
Someone who resembles like a wild boar

Okay, here's an easier one. What does alias mean?

A fake personality
A fake name or identity
Someone who's named Lias
Something that's fake
Who you really are

Pick the words that are synonyms to nonsense

Select the three correct answers

Ok, we'll start easy. Define melancholy.

Um... idk?

Here's a really tough one. Think you can handle it? What does tintinnabulation mean? (Yes, it's a real word)

The crackling of tinfoil
Tin men!
The ringing of bells
Um.... is that a sexual reference?