Vocab, Vocab, All About the Vocab

Think you have a big vocabulary? Wanna prove it to your friends? Take this quiz to find out how big of a vocabulary you really have. :)

published on October 07, 20175 responses 0

What does sesquipedalian mean?

Someone who loves Quidditch
Someone who loves peddling
Someone who loves using big words
Someone who's afraid of squids

Here's a really tough one. Think you can handle it? What does tintinnabulation mean? (Yes, it's a real word)

The crackling of tinfoil
Tin men!
The ringing of bells
Um.... is that a sexual reference?

Okay, here's an easier one. What does alias mean?

A fake personality
A fake name or identity
Someone who's named Lias
Something that's fake
Who you really are

Pick the words that are synonyms to nonsense

Select the three correct answers

Now for a tougher one. What does boorish mean?

Someone who's boring
Someone who's blunt
Someone who resembles like a wild boar

Ok, we'll start easy. Define melancholy.

Um... idk?