How lazy are you?

How lazy are you?

Find out how lazy you are! - a fun and awesome quiz to se how lazy you really are ! :)

published on December 24, 201447 responses 0 2.8★ / 5

if you had to choose between...

your bed
the beach
a party

if you saw a muffin on your table you would...

leave it ! i HATE muffins!
ask your mom for it. its polite ...
scoff it down as quikly as you could ! yum! only i get this muffin!

your friend asks you to go camping with her, so you say...

Sure! sounds fun !
well... maybe ?
you blow in the phone and pretend the signal is bad, then hang up! who wants to go camping anyway?

Your Mom comes home with; a movie and popcorn, two tickets to a consert and a ticket to the local waterslids. You choose:

Movie and popcorn ! who wants to go out? its too much of a mission anyway!
Go to the Consert! that sound like sooo much fun !
Waterslids! i love the water ! :)

you would rather..

Go for a walk or call your friends and go out ~ thats ALWAYS fun!
Be a vegtable and sit in front of the TV all day and Eat ~ I AM VEGTABLE !
you are a LAZY person! so get off the computer a DO something ! !