what is your personality color ?

Sooo.... you want to know your color your personality may be DARK BRIGHT or maybe even rainbow.

published on June 13, 201420 responses 3 3.0★ / 5
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Whats your fave. animal ?

dog - or - cat
elephant - or - deer
dolphin - or - horse
other ....

fave. color ?

Hint: 2 choices
red or blue
yellow or oarnge
pink or rainbow
auqua or other
brown or black
white or turqiuose
silver or gold
purple or green

if you could save one person in your family who would it be ?

Hint: 2 choices
me or pet
mom and dad
sister and brother
tough one cant decide
ummm to hard sorry

puppies or kittens or dogs and cats

Hint: 2 choices
both or niether
puppies or dogs
kittens or cats

the quiz is over :(

Hint: 2 choices
yay i guess
booo i guess
okay i guess