Are you nice or mean

Which one are you mean or nice in this quiz you will find out! So take the quiz now!

published on November 14, 201442 responses 24 3.0★ / 5

If a ugly kid asks you out you would

No thank you I'm good !
In your dreams!
Can we just be friends
Not ever in a million years!

If your classmate fell would you

Walk away
Help them up

If a friend Is sad would you

Ignore them
Ask what's wrong
Or just sit there thinking OMG why is she sad

if a friend or someone you know is getting bullied you would

Stand up for them
Stand there watching
Or be the one who BULLIES her too

if you see someone In need would you

Say eww and walk away
Give them food and a home
Walk past them without saying a word

How well do you think you did on this test

Didn't even try