Are you a true Millsie?!?

Are you a true Millsie?!?

Are you a true member of the #MillsieNation? You'll find out answering this really easy test. May the force be with you ~MH~

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Who's older?


What's their school name?

Sandhurst School
Eagle House School
Yateley School

What's their house name?


At what age they start to harmonize together?


Max's guilty pleasure is...

Sleep until afternoon
Stalk his exe's
Eating full pots of bacon bits

Harvey's celebrity crush is

Tom Holland
Ariana Grande
Camila Cabello
Selena Gomez

What's their favorite ice cream flavor?

chocolate and vanilla bean
strawberry sorbet and chocolate
lemon sorbet and cookie dough

Max and Harvey's favorite subject is...

P.E and Chemistry respectly
Math and Drama ""
Food tech and French ""
Drama and music ""

If Max and Harvey were girls, their parents going to call them...

Maria and Paula
Isabelle and Matilda
Katherine and Louisa

The most annoying question Max and Harvey have gotten is..

"Are you singers? "
"Are you british?"
"Are you twins? "

Max and Harvey's middle names are took from...