How well do you know your Spiderman?

How well do you know your Spiderman?

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about Spiderman. The questions are hard.

published on September 23, 20144 responses 0

Which of these actors did not get a chance to play Spiderman?

Toby McGuire
Matthew Fox
Andrew Garfield

Select the two women who were fortunate enough to have Spiderman as a boyfriend.

Select the two correct answers
Gwen Jackson
Stacy Watson
Gwen Stacy
Mary-Jane Jackson
Mary-Jane Watson

Off topic, but what was Superman's real name?

How did Gwen die?

She fell.
Doc Ock killed her.
She burned to death.
A bomb.
She was poisoned!

What was Spiderman's uncle's real name?

In the first Spiderman movie, Spiderman kisses his girlfriend in a very romantic (and famous) way. What position is he in when he does this?


What was the weather like?

Scorching hot
Thick snow

And finally, what is he hanging off of?

A tree
A car
A building
Monkey bars
He's not hanging; he's standing