This is a collection of riddles. That I think are hard to work out but when you understand them they are actually quite easy. Some are hard and some are miming mu passing mark is 5/6

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I have 2 arms but no fingers. I have 2 feet but cannot run. I carry well but I find that I carry better with out my feet on the ground. WHAT AM I


10 Copycats entered a bar. One of them ordered a lemonade. What would the others order


I am found in the sea and on land but I don't swim. I travel by foot but I have no toes. No matter how far I travel or where I go I am never far from home. WHAT AM I?


I don't have lungs or a chest but I need air. I am not alive but I grow. I don't have a mouth and I don't like water. WHAT AM I?


I am an odd number but if u take away 1 letter I become 'EVEN'. What number am I?


One night a butcher, a baker and a candle stick maker went into a haunted castle the next morning 4 people came out. Who was the extra person?