So You Think You Know The Hunger Games Trilogy?!

So You Think You Know The Hunger Games Trilogy?!

this is a test on your knowledge on one of my favorite books of all time. I know my stuff because I read it long before it was cool, but if I make any errors, please let me know. PS- read the trilogy back in April of 2011!

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How old is Katniss in the reaping of The Hunger Games?


what is the name of Prim's cat?


name the 3 different parts of the first book.

beginning, middle, end
tributes,games, the victors
the tributes, the games, the victor

in which chapter of the hunger games does Rue die?

chapter 18
chapter 22
chapter 25

what is so unsettling about the mutts to Katniss?

they sounded like the tortured screams of her loved ones back at home
they have the eyes of the dead tributes
they could morph to look like her loved ones back at home

what is the surname of the girl from district 5?

she had no name in the book

in the beginning of the first book, why is Gale mad at Madge?

he is jealous that she lives a more relaxed life.
he asked her out and she said no.
She criticized how poor he is

why does Katniss get mad at Peeta after the interviews?

he told the audience about the private conversation they had, where Katniss confessed her love and he turned her down
he confessed his love to her
he told the audience she was bad in bed

how does Seneca Crane die?

he is hung on a noose
trick question! it is a mystery!
he was locked in a room with nothing to eat but Nightlock berries

Catching Fire: what is Enobaria widely known for?

ripping the necks of one of her victims with her teeth
eating the dead tributes she killed
having the most plastic surgery

why do Gale and Katniss fight in the first couple chapters?

Gale is jealous of Peeta
katniss is pregnant with Peeta's baby, and Gale is mad
Katniss does not wish to rebel against the capital

who says the last words in the book, and what?(catching fire)

Prim, "Katniss, wake up!"
Gale, "Katniss... there is no district 12."
Peeta, "Always"

what does Peeta tell one of the morphlings as they die?

he wishes he could capture all the colors of a rainbow
he wished they could all know better lives
he wished he could show him one of his paintings

Mockingjay: what is the LAST condition for Katniss to be the mockingjay?

she would kill snow
the arenas get destroyed
everyone no longer have to worry about money or food

true or false: before Finnick died, he and Annie had a child together


how many pages are in Mockingjay


how many licks does it take to the center of a tootsie pop?

The world may never know...

true or false: do Peeta and Katniss do the frick frack at the end?

true!YAS! they did that 69!
um... can I NOT answer that?!

how does Finnick die?

he drowns
he gets eaten by mutts
he gets set on fire

how does Joanna get tortured when she is seized by the Capitol

she gets her head shaved
she was dipped in water and electrocuted
she was turned into an avox

what is the catch to signing up for tesserae?

your name gets put in the reaping ball more times
you lose a chance at getting money at the end of the year
your life term gets shorter

how many times is "mockingjay" said in the book Mockingjay? (sorry for this one lol @brebop)