Cyberbullying Quiz!

Cyberbullying Quiz!

A quiz on your knowledge of cyberbullying. Try and get 100% correct! :)

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What is cyberbullying? :)

Hurting someone.
Calling someone names to their face.
Being mean over the internet once.
Being mean every day over the internet.

What are one of the signs that you might be cyberbullying?

Being mean once.
Being mean repetatively.
Being really kind.
Hurting someone.

What should you do if you think you are cyberbullying someone?

Ignore them.
Ask them if they think you are being mean to them.
Carry on being mean until they stop moaning about it.
Tell them not to tell anyone.

What should you do if you think/know you are being cyberbullied?

Keep it to yourself and don't tell anyone.
Tell your friends.
Tell your pet.
Tell your parents/teacher.

How could you help someone else that is being cyberbullied?

Tell their friends.
Tell their parents.
Keep it a secret because they told you to.
Tell their sister/brother.