Name that blank

Name that blank

If you can put the correct word(s) into the blank(s) on each of the questions, you've got 100% true skills!

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"Why you gotta be so __. Won't you __ up your __? __ a matter of __.

eye, close, mouth, what, time
fly, open, eyes, just, time
shrink, fly, eyes, why, life

Movie- The __ Life of Timothy __.

great, red
strange, green
odd, green

I always watch ___ and play on my ___ once I get home from ___.

Movies, violin, grandma's house
Television, laptop, school
Mom, trumpet, the spelling bee

Cats and __ are almost like __.

dogs, enemies
platypi, friends
people, enemies

Song- We are __ __ back together.

always, getting
never, getting
willing to, get

Phrase- Awwe, You __ made me __!

guys, ink
people, freak
guys, scream

Artist- Pablo __.


Dog's love ___ and ___ spray!

Dog's love ___ and ___ spray!
cats, hair
squirrels, hair
toys, bacon

Give me back my __ squeaky __.

dog's, duck
cat's, mouse
dog's, bone