How Well Do You Know About E-safety?

How Well Do You Know About E-safety?

This quiz is for all ages to test your knowledge about E-safety and its dangers

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Did you know that your child can get cyberbllyed over the internet ?

No, what is cyberbulling
Yes, they gave us an iinterview about it

Whats your view on the internet ?

Children know much more than adults
I don't know half the stuff their talkig about
I don't care

What does your child use the internet for ?

Speaking with friends
Don't know
Watching Movies

Do you know if your child has an school behaviour policy?

I don' know

Do you let your kids on the computer often ?

Yes, they go on it all the time .
No , theres a rotor

Does your child own a Facebook, My space, Twitter account

Yes they go on it all the time.
No not untill their 13
Well yes everyone should have a account to contact everyone

How well do you know about internet safety ?

A lot
Never heard of such a thing
I don't know

If your computer isn't in the living room where is it ?

Bed Room
Laptop can go anywhere
Mum or Dads room
Kitchen/Dinning room

Do you let your child give out their proper name on the internet without your permision?

I don't even know what their doing on the computer

Does your child give out personal infomation about your family

I don't know