Do you know Selena Gomez?

Do you know Selena Gomez?

There are alot of natural stars that are on Earth right now!Let's see if you know every single inch of Selena!

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What was the first show Selena was on?

Share the Love
Fun it Out

What is Selena's fav actress?

Lehcar AmsasMc
Rachel Mcadams
Rachel AdamsMc

When was a year without rain released?

September 21st,2010
September 12th,2011
September 2nd,2009

What's Selena's nickname?


When was Selena born?

July 22,1992
June 12,1991
May 30,1993

How many pets does Selena have and what are they?

Two kittens
Three fish
Four dogs

What's Selena hometown?

Grand Prairie,Texas

What is Selena's middle name and how did she get it?

Ella and it was from her mom's fav movie
Marie and she was named after a famous mexican singer
Sierra and her father had dated a girl by that name