iPad Licence Quiz

iPad Licence Quiz

To test if students have the prerequisite knowledge of care and responsible use of iPads.

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When presenting your CBL video you decide to…

Use the ideas you find on the Internet but create your own work
Copy and paste a great YouTube video into your presentation
Use your own pictures but just borrow some text

While on the Internet researching for a project you find you are the 1,000,000th person to visit the site and have won a free iPad and $10,000. Do you…

Jump up and down and quickly follow the link and enter your details
Show the website to your teacher to check if it is a legitimate site
Click on the site and enter someone else’s information in case it is a scam

Playing of games on the iPad …

Is okay at HOME if you have parent permission
Is completely banned
Is okay at school in my free time

When carrying the iPad to school and back home you…

Make sure you carry it carefully in both hands all the way to school or home.
Keep it in your bag.
Show everyone your favourite game.

iPads are one of the educational tools we use at school…

But because it’s mine I can do whatever I like with it
And I have to do all my work on it
So teachers will regularly check iPad apps and contents

If I use any digital device to put others down or insult them …

I will lose my right to use digital technology at school
It is okay if they did it first
I can delete it and it will be gone forever

If someone leaves a message, image or any digital information that is a ‘put down’ to me I will …

Select the three correct answers
Show it to the teacher
Get all my friends to give them heaps
Keep it a secret
Take a screen shot to record the incident
Not respond to them in any way

It is my responsibility to

Select the three correct answers
Look after my iPad in the yard at Lunch times
Always have my iPad charged
Always handle my iPad with care
Use my iPad whenever I feel like it
Have the necessary apps loaded on my iPad

To identify my iPad and assist teacher access I will…

Have a photo of myself for my iPad wallpaper background
Put a password on my iPad to prevent access
Download cool graphics for my iPad wallpaper

Sending messages on the iPad …

Will only be between friendly people
Is an educational way to learn about cyber safety
Is not permitted at school and is not recommended without parent involvement

If I left my iPad at home or it needs charging I can

Always borrow a friend’s iPad
Use the iPad of someone who is absent
Do my work in another way

You took photos and then videoed a friend eating without them knowing and you think your friends will find it hilarious. Do you…

Show your friends as soon as you get to school?
Upload the video to YouTube?
Delete the video as you should never video someone without their permission, at school or at home?