Macbeth Practice Test

Macbeth Practice Test

Mr. Flaim's Gr. 11 English Class. This is a practice test featuring information from both Macbeth and Mr. Flaim's notes.

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What ghost does Macbeth see in his seat?

Where will the rebels meet before they attack Macbeth's castle?

The reference to bearbaiting is an example of what?

Witches were said to control _ ?


What is Macduff's title?

Who is Bellona's bridegroom?

What are the four humors?

Blood, Red Bile, Black Bile, Yellow Bile
Blue Bile, Yellow Bile, Black Bile, White Bile
Blood, Black Bile, Yellow Bile, Phlegm
Blood, Phlegm, Black Bile, White Bile

What country does Donalbain go to?

Who is the leader of the English army?

"I have begun to plant thee, and will labour to make thee full of growing." is an example of what motif?

What is parricide?

The murder of one's parrot.
The murder of one's brother.
The murder of one's father.

Where are new kings crowned?

What is the name of Duncan's younger son?

"Brandish'd steel" is an example of what literary device?

What is a Graymalkin?

What was the name of the ship?

What was the name of the traitor Macbeth beheaded?

Where are deceased kings buried?

Where does Hecate tell the witches to meet Macbeth?

What is the ornament of life?

What word means to stain red?

Which animals do witches hate?

What is the number of the witch?

An officer of the king's household who goes ahead to prepare for the king's reception and accommodation


What castle is the most fortified?

Where were the mercenaries from?

Who defined the tragic hero?

"Make our face's vizards to our hearts, disguising what they are" is an example of what motif?

What is Macbeth's original title?

What title is Malcolm given by Duncan?

How many rebels are there?


What is a Paddock?

For whom was Macbeth written?

Select the one correct answers
Shakespeare's lover.
King James.
The black lady.
Queen Elizabeth I.

Where was the sailor headed?

What is the name of Banquo's son?

What snack was the witch denied?

What is a funeral bell?

Who is suspicious of Macbeth's actions following Duncan's murder?

What is the word for lines of dialogues that create the impression of chaos and/or fast speaking?

What country is Sweno the king of?

Name the person who's son fights in the battle against Macbeth?

What country does Malcolm go to?

How many predictions do the witches make for Macbeth when he visits them for the first time?

What are the three significant questions Macbeth asks Banquo before he has him killed?

Select the three correct answers
Goes Fleance with you?
What good could they pretend?
Ride you this afternoon?
Is't far you ride?
That you can let this go?

Which thane is related to Macduff?

Which animals are associated with evil? (3)

Select the three correct answers

"Why do you dress me in borrow'd robes?" is an example of what motif?

Horses eating each other after Duncan's murder is an example of what dramatic device? (Hint: Not irony)

What is a posset?

Monetary deposit
Bird of ill-omen

Who lies and says he has no virtues?

What do you call a soldier that kill themselves? (Historical allusion)

If the thanes are pearls; who is the crown?

What Scottish territory did the Norwegians conquer?

Where is Macbeth's castle?

Which character provides comic relief following the murder of Duncan?

Macduff's son

Who is the goddess of witches, sorcerers, and ghosts?

Which thane was working with Norway?

How does Lady Macbeth die?


Which king does Malcolm go to for help in England?

Who is responsible for putting Macbeth's armour on him?