How well do you know me? (14)

How well do you know me? (14)

A quick quiz to see who knows me the best. Send me your score via Facebook please!

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What is my favorite love song?

I Loved Her First by George Strait
Stealing Cinderella by Chuck Wicks
I Do (Cherish You) by Mark Wills
Check Yes or No by George Strait

Which Celebrity did I meet the first time I was in Riley Hospital for CHildren?

Reggie Miller
Tom Griswald
Peyton Manning
Eli Manning

What is my favorite book?

Alphabet of Dreams by Sharon Fletcher
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowlings
The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson
Circle of Magic by Tamora Pierce

Who is my favorite actor?

Jackson Rathbone
Matthew Lewis
Tom Felton
Jason David Franks

When is my birthday?

August 19, 1991
October 29, 1991
December 19, 1991
January 22, 1991

Where do I work?

The Muffin Top
Owen Valley Health Campus
Owen County Public Library

What are my first friends' names

Rebekah and Amanda
Jaime and Steven
Dylan and Darin
Daniel and Shelby

What is my favorite movie?

Clash of the Titans (Original)
The 10th Kingdom
Wayne's World

What is my dream job?

Elementary School Teacher
Medical Examiner for the FBI

What is the name of my kitten?


What was my favorite show on Cartoon Network?

Courage the Cowardly Dog
Ed, Edd, & Eddy
Powerpuff Girls
Johnny Bravo

What is my tattoo an image of?

A cross
A rose
A Butterfly
A Celtic Guardian Angel

What is my favorite color? (Select all that apply)


What is my full name?

Jasmine Marie St John
Jasmine Joann St John
Jasmine Kaleen St John
Jasmine St John

What is my best friends' names?

Rebekah and Amanda
Jaime and Steven
Dylan and Darin
Daniel and Shelby