Decipher it!

Decipher it!

Can you read numbers as letters and numbers and letters mixed together? Try to guess what these phrases say!

published on September 04, 20128 responses 6 5.0★ / 5

/-/3110! /-/0VV 4r3 y0u 70d4y?

VV|-|47 i5 y0u12 |\|4m3?

W|-|47's g01ng 0|\|?

I5 7h15 &ui2 /-/4rd 0r 3a5y?

I7'5 6oo|) 70 5ee y0u 4g41n!

W0w! 7hi5 15 r34lly (ool.

La57 &u3s7i0n.