Biggest Winner

how much do you remember so far

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Please choose your best snack option

apple and yoghurt
low fat muesli bar
rice crackers

What is the biggest winner program's no 1 secret for fat loss

Hint: 1 choice
low fat nutrition
low carb nutrition
goal setting and mind set

what is your 8 week goal?


It is best to limit alcohol on a weight loss plan, because...

alcohol is added calories with no nutrition
the body burns alcohol first, storing any other cals
alcohol lowers your will power, making it more likely to make poor food choices
all of the above

what is your daily calorie range?


the most important thing to consider when choosing a food / meal is...

total calories
total carbs
total fats
carbs from sugar
% of fat

which is the better choice food

High GI
Low Gi

water is always best, however what is another good drink choice

fruit juice
low fat smoothie
green tea
power ade / sports drink

what type of exercise burns the most calories and fat

Hint: 2 choices
1 hour of jogging at the same pace
30 mins of high intenstiy interval running
1 hour of circuit training incl weights and cardio
1 hour of swimming