do you have a good sense of humor

pick one of the following (please be honest)

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what would you do if you pooped in the middle of your whole class

laugh about it
run into the bathroom and cry for an hour
kill yourself

when someone tells you a joke what do you do

get a huge crowd together and tell it in front of them
whisper it to your freind and he/she tells everybody
never speak about it again

at a party your most likely to

work the room, telling jokes, making silly faces and cracking every body up
tell a few freinds about an embarrasing thing that happened on the way over
hang with a bff an think of amusing nicknames for the guests

you would describe yourself as someone who

likes to act silly and draw attention
comes up with witty sayings and plays on words
laughs at your own mistakes and quirks

what would be your ideal day

pulling pranks on everyone you know
watching funny movies