my maths mentor

my maths mentor

Are you a maths quiz. Could you be an actress. Could you? It all depends on this test.

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One packet of biscuits cost £1.98. What if lydia bought 6 packets? After paying, she got 13p change, how much money did lydia have in first?


Select the THREE numbers that is one more than a number in the six times table.

Select the three correct answers

Emma and Rashma have 78p. Aleisha and Damian have £2.67. Aleisha and Damian said, I have $1.89 more than Emma and Rashma. Are they right?

A square had a perimiter of 20cm. 5a: What length was each side (e-mail me for that one,
5b: (type this in) What is the perimiter of 5 squares?

Sasha has a box of clothes. She had an old t-shirt that cost 99p. That was on special offer. The offer was half price. How much was the t-shirt before it was on speciall offer?