Are you good at History???

Are you good at History???

How good are you really at history? you may think you are a genius but lets find out.....

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How many wives did Henry the 8th have?


What methods were used to determine whether a woman/man was a witch?

Select the two correct answers
The Pin Method
The Hit Method
The Water Method
The Poo Test
The Devil Test

What King was the only King ever to be be-headed?

What happened at the Battle of Stamford Bridge?

A fat viking stood at the bridge killing everyone and the saxons went under the bridge and killed him?
A saxon was stabbled and then chucked into a river where some people burnt the body
A man was eaten after he was killed but the gave the penis to his brother as a gift

Which of the following was some of Henry the 8th wives?

Select the two correct answers
Jane Seymour
Lidia Rokensmour
Anne Brooks
Anne Boylen

Which English queen/king ruled the shortest

King James the 1st
Queen Elizabeth the 1st
Lady Jane Grey

What is our queens (Elizabeth the 2nd) last name?